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. Há exatamente 1 ano atrás, no dia 3 de junho de 2019, eu embarcava para uma das viagens mais loucas da minha vida. Antes de realmente começar meu “intercâmbio” no Canadá, foram 14 dias viajando de carro (e dormindo nele) pelas províncias de British Columbia e Alberta. Deixei pra trás várias coisas e pessoas importantes, na mala só levei dúvidas e incertezas sobre mim, além do meu amor por viajar. A única convicção era de que estaria sozinho.. . Ao todo rodei mais de 3 mil quilômetros, saindo de Vancouver, indo até Calgary e voltando. Subi algumas montanhas, uma delas um hike de 6 horas em Canmore. Dei de cara com ursos, alces, carneiros selvagens, cabras da montanha e alguns outros animais. Refeições a base de pão, salgadinhos e barrinhas de proteína. Falta de sinal/internet além de passar muito frio à noite ao dormir no carro. E ah! Cheguei a ficar 72h sem banho, até achar uma pia! 🤷🏻‍♂️😂.. . A conclusão disso tudo? Viaje sozinho pelo menos uma vez na vida!! Se conheça, conheça seus limites, olhe pro seu interior, se questione! Lembre de todos que passaram pela sua vida e de tudo que conquistou! Sorria, e ao final perceba que a felicidade só é real quando compartilhada!. . Music: @iksonmusic - Views . . . #canada #explorecanada #britishcolumbia #alberta #wildernessculture #getoutside #hike #banff


🇵🇦 I first visited Panama on a cruise in 2008 and loved it. My second visit in 2010 cemented it as my favourite country in the world (perhaps now tied with Georgia). | 🌉 We crossed from Costa Rica on the Caribbean side. The border was memorable as the no man’s land between countries was a rickety old rail bridge used by enormous 18-wheeler lorries that we had to walk amongst with all our luggage. | 🌟 We started off in the backpacker islands of Bocas Del Toro. All the beaches were powdery white and perfect but Starfish Beach was enhanced by its 5-armed residents. Hundreds of starfish laid in the warm shallow waters all along the beach. | 🛥 A group of us decided to hire a private catamaran for the day around some of the uninhabited islands of the archipelago. We snorkelled on the most stunning coral I have ever seen that was unusual due to its pastel colours. A myriad of pink, purple, yellow and green I have never seen coral like it anywhere else in the world. Sadly as this was back in the days before GoPro I was unable to get any pictures. | 🦜 We moved on to Boquete in the Panamanian jungle. Myself and @jasmijnvandenheuvel were the only ones who wanted to trek, so we took a hike in the hopes of seeing the quetzal, a bird of paradise found throughout Central America. It is a symbol of the region - the Guatemalan currency - the quetzal - is even named after them! We didn’t see any. | 🌊 Next we crossed to Santa Catalina on the Pacific Coast. Our hostel was on a remote, deserted beach next to a river estuary. Twice a day, the tide would fill the estuary and we would be completely cut off from the mainland. Typically, when we came to leave the tide was coming in and one of the girls who only had a wheeled suitcase had to lug it through the thigh-high and quickly deepening water. | 🐋 In Santa Catalina @jasmijnvandenheuvel and I were once again the only ones to go on an excursion to Coiba Island in the hope of seeing whale sharks. We seem to be an unlucky combination as we didn’t see any of them either! | 🏙 The final stop on the tour was Panama City. We explored the surprisingly cosmopolitan new city, the quaint colonial old town and of course the world famous canal.


"AS LEAVES ARE RAISED BY THE WIND TO FLOAT IN THE HEAVENS; SUCH KINDREDSHIP IS NATURE." - THOREAU 🌲🌲🌲 Bin wieder bissl unterwegs gewesen um den Kopf frei zubekommen. Hilft immer. Gerade wenn ich keine neuen Ideen für Songs hab oder beim Texten nicht weiterkomme. Rausgehen hilft immer. Mal brauchts nur ne halbe Stunde draußen mal aber auch eine Woche, haha. #staynature /\/\/\///\/\/\/\///\///\/\/\/\///\/\/\/\/\/\ #impalastory #impalasontour #impalasummer #newalbum #jangwarsummers #newsound #newmusic #songster #africavibes #boholife #travelstoke #travelandlife #keepitwild #adventureseeker #goexplore #wonderfulplaces #roamtheplanet #nomadiclife #seekmoments #postcardsfromtheworld #getoutstayout #impalaray #vanlife


Warm weather, even warmer hearts ❤️⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #repost from @exploredesertcities


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