✨Current mood ✨It's official I am OVER this rain ☔️ and cold 🥶 I'm so ready for warm weather, but not that summer heat lol just spring weather. I don't even know where my shades are because I haven't worn them in so long 🤦🏽‍♀️ This is one of my favorite pics of Aiden, I use to hear moms say all the time how fast their kids grow and how they missed them being little. I never truly understood it until I became a mom, they really grow up fast, way too fast. I am learning to be more intentional with my time and spend a lot of it with my family, which is something that's hard for me because I always feel like there's stuff in the house that need to be done. So mamas love on your little ones often because they will only be this little today. The laundry the dished the cleaning can wait (this is something I have to tell myself quite often).


Zola Mahalia, our Boss Baby 👶🏽 ☺️ . . . . . #terrifictwos #nike #justdoit @nike #babymodel #babymodelsearch


There’s a #GerberBabySearch2020 going on right now and you only get one photo to send in to apply. Dad thinks this is the winner. What do you think?!! #YouOnlyGetOneShot #MomsSpaghetti


Happy #nationalloveyourpetday my dog is 15 years old he’s been around since I was 4, I’m so glad he can that he can be here for my childs life 💙 • • • @gerberchildrenswear @gerber #explorepage #babydog #babymodeling #babymodelsearch #baby #dog


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